Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bishop Hendricken Completes Perfect Season to Win Rhode Island Division I Title

by Jeff Fisher
Rhode Island High School Football Huddle

Bishop Hendricken won the Division I state title Friday night with a 20-17 win over Portsmouth.

The win capped a perfect 13-0 season, which is the school's first unbeaten season in 15 years.

The Providence Journal reports that Hawks came back from a second half deficit for the second straight playoff game.

Woonsocket Wins Back-to-Back Rhode Island Football Crowns

by Jeff Fisher
Rhode Island High School Football Huddle

Woonsocket beat Tolman 28-14 Sunday to win its second straight Division II title.

The victory capped an 11-2 season that saw the Villa Novans' defense pitch seven shutout and avenged a 6-0 regular season loss to Tolman.

Click here to read a game summary from the Providence Journal.

MIddletown Gets Revenge in Winning Rhode Island Division III Title

by Jeff Fisher
Rhode Island High School Football Huddle

Moses Brown beat Middletown by 26 points during the regular season, Saturday the tables were turned and Middletown walked away for the state's Division III state championship.

The Islanders, who became the first team to win a Division III title as a #4 seed, beat Moses Brown 21-0.

The Providence Journal reports that Middletown was led by game MVP Rico McCray, who rushed for over 200 yards and scored all three of his team's touchdowns.

Mount Pleasant Snaps 26-Year Old High School Football Championship Drought

by Jeff Fisher
Rhode Island High School Football Huddle

For the first time since 1984, Mount Pleasant hoisted a Rhode Island high school football state championship trophy.

Mount Pleasant beat two-time defending champ Exeter/West Greenwich 35-6 on Sunday to win the state's Division IV championship.

Click here to read a Providence Journal game summary.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Rhode Island High School Football Scores - Playoffs/Championships

Rhode Island High School Football Scores
Sunday, December 5, 2010


Division II
Woonsocket 28 Tolman 14

Division IV
Mount Pleasant 35 Exeter/West Greenwich 6

Rhode Island High School Football Scores
Saturday, December 4, 2010


Division I
Hendricken 20 Portsmouth 17

Division III
Middletown 21 Moses Brown 0

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rhode Island High School Football Scores - Week 9

Rhode Island High School Football Scores
Friday, November 12, 2010

Bishop Hendricken 38 Barrington 14
Chariho 15 Mt. Hope 6
Cranston East 42 Lasalle Academy 7
Moses Brown 14 East Greenwich 0
North Smithfield 30 Central Falls 7
Portsmouth 54 Cranston West 6
Rogers 34 North Kingstown 6
Seekonk 30 Lincoln 6
Smithfield 35 Scituate 7
Tolman 6 Westerly 0

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rhode Island High School Football Scores - Week 7

Rhode Island High School Football Scores
Saturday, October 30, 2010

Burrillville 33 Narragansett 0
Central Falls 21 Providence Country Day 8
Hope 30 Smithfield 29
Lasalle Academy 14 Cranston West 6
Lincoln 14 Classical 6
Mt. Pleasant 47 Scituate 13
Rogers 26 Moses Brown 14
St. Raphael 21 Toll Gate 0
St. Sebastian's Country Day 22 St. George's 16
West Warwick 20 Pilgrim 16
Woonsocket 34 Mt. Hope 14

Rhode Island High School Football Scores
Friday, October 29, 2010

Attleboro 28 East Providence 21
Barrington 31 South Kingstown 0
Bishop Hendricken 14 Portsmouth 13
Central 19 Cumberland 6
Chiariho 12 Coventry 7
Cranston East 34 North Kingstown 12
Middletown 41 Tiverton 0
North Smithfield 14 North Providence 6
Shea 13 Warwick 0
Tolman 26 Ponaganset 10
Westerly 21 Johnston 14

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rhode Island High School Football Scores - Week 5

Rhode Island High School Football Scores
Friday, October 15, 2010

Chariho 21, Johnston 14
Coventry 42, Warwick
Cranston East 21, Tolman 18
Cranston West 39, St. Raphael Academy 13
Cumberland 7, Toll Gate 0
East Greenwich 18, North Kingstown 14
Exeter-West Greenwich 43, Central Falls 26
Hope 42, Scituate 13
Lincoln 20, Moses Brown 14
Narragansett 24, Smithfield 7
Portsmouth 17, Barrington 7
Rogers 7, Middletown 0
Seeknok 20, Mt. Hope 10
Shea 27, Tiverton 20
South Kingston 20, Westerly 6

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Rhode Island High School Football Scores - Week 4

Rhode Island High School Football Scores
Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cumberland  41  Warwick  0
Exeter/West Greenwich  26  North Smithfield  22
Moses Brown  14  Burrillville  12
Mount Pleasant  39  PCD/Wheeler/Juanita Sanchez  14

Rhode Island High School Football Scores
Friday, October 8, 2010

Barrington  27  La Salle  7
Coventry  7  Westerly  6
Cranston West  26  South Kingstown  6
East Greenwich  13  Classical  12
East Providence  48  Cranston East  20
Hendricken  42  North Kingstown  12
Portsmouth  21  Durfee  0
Rogers  41  Narragansett  16
Stonington  40  Chariho  0
St. Raphael  27  West Warwick  21
Toll Gate  38  Pilgrim  19
Tolman  18  Mt. Hope  12

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rhode Island High School Football Pre-Season Practice Begins August 23rd

by Jeff Fisher
Rhode Island High School Football Huddle

Welcome to our new look for the 2010 Rhode Island high school football season!

With the first day of practice beginning August 23rd, I wanted to take the time to thank all of my readers, who have made this blog successful over the past three years.  I have bigger-and-better things planned this year with more original content.

Also, don't forget to check-out High School Football America for great high school football stories from around the country.  If you have story ideas that I should know about, please feel free to email me.

Here's a look at important dates for the 2010 season...

First Practice - August 23rd
Regular Season Begins - September 10th

Playoffs Begin - November 30th
Championships December 4th-5th

Jeff Fisher is Founder/Editor-in-Chief of High School Football America

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exeter/West Greenwich Football Coach Dies in Crash

by Jeff Fisher
Rhode Island High School Football Huddle

Our condolences go out to the family of Mike Messier, the head football coach at Exeter/West Greenwich High School who died in a car crash earlier this week.

The Providence Journal takes a look at Messier's five years at the school, which included the program's first state title in 2008.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rhode Island 2009 All-State High School Football Teams

1st Team All-State

Player of the Year: Mike Read, Barrington

E- Lenny Solitro, La Salle
WR – Luke Francis, La Salle
OL – Anthony Bucci, Hendricken
OL – Adam Toman, Barrington
OL-Mike Soto, Johnston
OL- Austin Brown, Barrington
OL – Jose Montanez, Hendricken
OL – Alex Craft, E. Greenwich
QB – Ben Hamill, South Kingstown
RB – Travis Gagne, Woonsocket
RB- Mike Flanagan, Hendricken
RB – A.J. Pollock, Portsmouth
RB – Rico McCray, Middletown
KR – Marc DeSisto, Barrington

DL – Jordan Barr, Woonsocket
DL – P.J. Ashby, La Salle
DL- Ethan Ferreira, Hendricken
DL – Hunter Tannock, Barrington
DL – Richard Casiello, St. Raphael
DL – Dana Andrade, E. Providence
LB – Dave Silvia, Barrington
LB – James Olson, Mt. Hope
LB – Luis Heredia, Woonsocket
LB – Will Deffley, La Salle
DB – Al Georgio, Ex-W. Greenwich
DB – Josh Morgan, Ponaganset
P / K / DB – Nick Keeling, Ponaganset

2nd Team All-State

E- Brandon Gomes, La Salle
WR – Jose Merced, Woonsocket
WR- Ty Stromley, South Kingstown
OL – Matt Keenan, La Salle
OL – Mauris Diaz, Barrington
OL – Nick Algiere, Westerly
OL- Anthony Joyce, Lincoln
OL – Ben Choquette, Mt. Hope
QB-Tom Verdi, Hendricken
RB – Aaron Booth, Mt. Hope
RB – Greg Powers, Coventry
RB – Jean-Daniel Roussel, St. Raphael
RB - Marcel Greene, Mt. Pleasant
KR – Emerson Perez, E. Providence

DL – Pat Fagan, Portsmouth
DL – Jomar Farrales, Cranston East
LB – Reuben Paggi, West Warwick
LB – Colin Esposito, Cranston West
DB – Adam Babcock, Ponaganset
DB - Jared Hanson, Scituate
DB –Jamal Jean Pierre, Cranston East
DB – Karsten Mortz, Mt. Hope
DB – Ben Willett, Portsmouth
DB – Nate Morris, Providence Country Day
DB – Aaron Spivey, E. Providence
P – Brandon Lewis, Barrington
Kicker – Chad Bacon, Cumberland


Division I
First Team
RB - Mike Read, Barrington
RB -Dave Silvia, Barrington
OL - Adam Toman, Barrington
DL - Hunter Tannock, Barrington
LB - Austin Brown, Barrington
KR - Marc DeSisto, Barrington
P - Brandon Lewis, Barrington
QB - Luke Francis, La Salle
SE - Lenny Solitro, La Salle
DL - P.J. Ashby, La Salle
LB - Will Deffley, La Salle
K - Peter Picerelli, La Salle
RB - Mike Flanagan, Hendricken
OL - Anthony Bucci, Hendricken
LB - Ethan Ferreira, Hendricken
OL - Adam Aurielo, East Providence
DL - Dana Andrade, East Providence
DB - Aaron Spivey, East Providence
RB - A.J. Pollock, Portsmouth
DB- B en Willett, Portsmouth
LB - Colin Esposito, Cranston West
DB - Kane Terilli, Cranston West
RB - Jean Daniell Roussel, St. Raphael
DL - Richard Casiello, St. Raphael
DB - Kyle Decosta, Rogers
OL - Jimmy George, Rogers
OL - Jack Zeramby, North Kingstown

Second Team
QB - Steve Crawford, Barrington
OL - Luc Lacerte, Barrington
OL - Graham Steadman, Barrington
DL - Maurice Diaz, Barrington
DL - A.J. Farina, Barrington
LB - Dave Hansen, La Salle
OL - Nick Famigletti, La Salle
QB - Tom Verdi, Hendricken
WR - Robert Manning, Hendricken
DL - Jose Montanez, Hendricken
P - Benjamin Barrett, Hendricken
K - Zachary Conte, Hendricken
DE - Alex Therrien, East Providence
QB - Rob Delgado, East Providence
LB- Mike Davol, East Providence
OL - Andrew DeSousa, Portsmouth
DL - Patrick Fagan, Portsmouth
RB- Brent Champagne, Cranston West
DL - Greg Rocha, Cranston West
QB - Tevor Vasey, St. Raphael
LB - Mike Dolan, St. Raphael
KR - Nael Pierre-Louis, St. Raphael
DL - James Mellekas, Rogers
QB - Matthew Berglund, N. Kingstown
SE - Robbie Walker-Williams

Third Team
DB - Alexander Spiess, Barrington
OL - Dylan Smith, La Salle
DB - Max Isaacson, La Salle
OL - Cole Morgan, Hendricken
OL - Ryan Day, Hendricken
DB - Austin Bergeron, Hendricken
RB - Ryan Bellamy, East Providence
OL - Garrett Ballou, East Providence
DL - Patrick Grant, East Providence
KR - Emerson Perez, East Providence
OL - Michael Rose, Portsmouth
RB -Kyle Torres, Portsmouth
LB - Mike Dublin , Portsmouth
K - Dan Thorpe, Portsmouth
RB - Bryan Stetson, Cranston West
TE - Joe Patricio, Cranston West
DL - Burphy Segbeyan, Cranston West
P - Nicholas DeMarco, Cranston West
DB - Patrick Miranda, St. Raphael
LB - Jean Charles, St. Raphael
LB - Ricardo Pognon, St. Raphael
OL - Tyler Minick, Rogers
OL - Mike Mulligan, Rogers
DB - Christian Cancel, Rogers
LB - Caleb Comstock, North Kingstown
DL - Marcus Morse, North Kingstown
DL - Stephen Hutchins, North Kingstown

First Team
Roger Blanchard, Burrillville
Jeffrey Hauser, Burrillville
Colton Place, Chariho
Cable Green, Chairho
James Olsen, Mt. Hope
Karsten Moritz, Mt. Hope
Benjamin Choquette, Mt. Hope
Aaron Booth, Mtl. Hope
Ousman Samb, Tolman
Jordan Johnson, Tolman
Reuben Paygi, West Warwick
Charles Parent, West Warwick
Jordan Koehler, West Warwick
Peter Lee, Warwick
Nick Algiere, Westerly
Nick Schilke, Westerly
Ethan Doescher, Westerly
Van Horn, Westerly
Jordan Barr, Woonsocket
Travis Gagne, Woonsocket
Jose Merced, Woonsocket
Luis Heredia, Woonsocket
Brian Doire, Woonsocket
Brian Hicks, Woonsocket

Second Team
Alec Blais, Burrillville
Daniel Mattera, Burrillville
Chris Cole, Chariho
Corey Keating, Chariho
Alan Williams, Mt. Hope
Ryan Medeiros, Mt. Hope
Joseph SanMartin, Mt. Hope
Benjamin Mosher, Mt. Hope
Christopher Ferreira, Mt Hope
Robert Pompey, Mt. Hope
Jahmel Bowman, Tolman
Michael Cook, Tolman
Mike Williams, Warwick
Brent Reed, West Warwick
Amine Malki, West Warwick
Alex Osman, West Warwick
Ricky Doucette, Westerly
Ryan Heiberger, Westerly
Pete Broccolo, Westerly
John DiGangi, Westerly
Oswald Torres, Woonsocket
Matthew Hicks, Woonsocket
Giovanni Heredia, Woonsocket
Joseph Rodriguez, Woonsocket
Dominic Hernandez, Woonsocket
Shawn Harris, Woonsocket
Rafael Rodriguez, Woonsocket

Third Team
Edward Maione, Burrillville
Dylan Armstrong, Burrillville
Brendon Darigan, Burrillville
Jonathan Bisson, Burrillville
Tyler Kimarian, Burrillville
Jake Teft, Chariho
Connor Ryan, Chariho
Brock Taylor, Chariho
Ryan Kuehl, Mt. Hope
Ian Almeida, Mt. Hope
Kevin Duffy, Tolman
Vladimir Aleindor, Tolman
Dion Rubio, Tolman
Claude Medina, Tolman
Kevin Poirier, Tolman
Sy Pires, Warwick
Donte Vita, Warwick
John Leonard, Warwick
Nick Salois, Warwick
Adam Blevin, Warwick
Garret DeBlois, West Warwick
Dillon Coffua, West Warwick
Brian Wiggin, West Warwick
Alex Santangelo, Westerly
Spence Read, Westerly
Joseph Morin, Woonsocket

First Team
Jomar Farrales, Cranston East
Jamal JeanPierre, Cranton East
Jamey Scheer, Cranston East
Keith Jernquist, Cranston East
Albert Duran, Cranston East
Geoffrey Powers, Coventry
Jon Ruest, Coventry
Colin McCaffrey, Coventry
Daniel DiPrete, Coventry
Zachary Franzone, Coventry
Daniel Ferdinandi, Coventry
Keith Gaumond, Cumberlnd
Mike Krueger, Cumberland
Chad Bacon, Cumberland
Scott Leech, Lincoln
Eric Cremer, Lincoln
Anthony Joyce, Lincoln
Justin Martin, South Kingstown
Ben Hamill, S. Kingstown
Patrick Gee, S. Kingstown
Ty Stromley, S. Kingstown
Justin Favreau, S. Kingstown
Zachary Almond, S. Kingstown
Zachary LeValley, S. Kingstown
Max Perry, Shea
Zach Furtado, Toll Gate
Starling Araujo, Toll Gate

Second Team
Nick Marchand, Cranston East
Jon Riddensdale, Cranston East
Derek Plomaritis, Cranston East
Rob Borelli, Cranston East
Rob Bell, Cranston East
Dallas Blue, Coventry
Joshua Anderson, Coventry
Jared Ward, Coventry
Alexander Zannella, Coventry
Conner Forsythre, Coventry
David Elkas, Cumberland
Joe Vecchio, Cumberland
Ryan O'Dell, Lincoln
Eric Thompson, Lincoln
Jordan Nicholas, Lincoln
Mike Natale, Pilgrim
Andrew Marks, Pilgrim
Patrick Franco, S. Kingstown
Shane McLoughlin, S. Kingstown
Matthew LeValley, S. Kingstown
Matthew Phipps, S. Kingstown
Ryan Smith, S. Kingstown
Nicholas Neill, S. Kingstown
Manny Baptista, Shea
Fidel Wright, Shea
Norm Houle, Toll Gate
Alex Azeredo, Toll Gate

Third Team
Rob Borrelli, Cranston East
Erik Bou, Cranston East
Joe Boseman, Cranston East
Jonathan Mahoney, Coventry
John Myles, Coventry
Dan Canavan, Cumberland
Justin Gaudette, Cumberland
Ricky McCoy, Cumberland
Cam Glad, Cumberland
Andre Lussier, Cumberland
Brendan Dyer, Lincoln
Kyle Jackson, Lincoln
Jacob Lisi, Lincoln
John Paliotte, Pilgrim
John Stevens, Pilgrim
Derek DeSilva, Pilgrim
Greg Martin, Pilgrim
Christopher Pizolli, S. Kingstown
Dean Werts, Shea
Johnny Moavero, Shea
Freddie Gobenhole, Shea
Josh Burgo, Shea
Malcolm Moniz, Shea
Derick Durand, Toll Gate
Alex Carr, Toll Gate
Ryan Garvey, Toll Gate
Ray Pendergast, Toll Gate

Division III
First Team
Robert Beaton, Central
Mike Washington, Central
Alex Craft, E. Greenwich
Kevin Mirandou, E. Greenwich
Louis Cotoa, Johnston
Greg Doutre, Johnston
Chad Garafalo, Johnston
Michael Soto, Johnston
Matt Church, Moses Brown
Tosan Eyetsemitan, Moses Brown
Graham Woodberry, Moses Brown
Michael Yules, Moses Brown
Marcel Greene, Mt. Pleasant
Joel Sowah, Mt. Pleasant
Matt Eldridge, Narragansett
Stephen Moio, Narragansett
Jose Novoa, Narragansett
Adam Babcock, Ponaganset
Garrett Drainville, Ponaganset
Joseph Fogarty, Ponaganset
Nicholas Keeling, Ponagasnet
Joshua Morgan, Ponaganset
Dan Kando, Smithfield
Chris Tacelli, Smithfield
John DeCosta, Tiverton
Ryan Flick, Tiverton
Keynon Kronsberg, Tiverton

Second Team
Edward Pupon, Central
William Winfield, Central
Kevin Drumm, E. Greenwich
Kyle Wilson, E. Greenwich
Chris Pogue, E. Greenwich
Jonny Lamendola, E. Greeniwch
David Bubar, Johnston
Michael Conti, Johnston
Michael Porras, Johnston
Josh Tavares, Johnston
Pearson Handley, Moses Brown
Christian Romano, Moses Brown
Prescot Wing, Moses Brown
Tevin Dale, Mt. Pleasant
Jay Soares, Mt. Pleasant
Julien Nelson, Narragansett
Jacob Fraetz, Ponaganset
Steve Kitson, Ponaganset
Jacob Kravitz, Ponaganset
Zach Mason, Ponagasnet
Peter Mathieu, Ponaganset
Ethan Walsh, Ponagasnet
Michael Colucci, Smithfield
Tim Jamieson, Smithfield
Doug Belisle, Tiverton
Jacob Kapstein, Tiverton
Sean Raposa, Tiverton

Third Team
Marquise Frazier, Central
Chevin Gobern, Central
Edward Pupon, Central
Cardinal Washington, Central
Dan Caron, E. Greenwich
Tucker Gumkowski, E. Greenwich
Max Palmer, E. Greenwich
Kody Fraser, Johnston
Chris Pistacchio, Johnston
Anthony Vita, Johnston
Michael Samuel Artenstein, Moses Brown
Daril Geisser, Moses Brown
Matt Hooper, Moses Brown
Prince Johnson, Mt. Pleasant
Mike Minogue, Mt Pleasant
Quancy Quaye, Mt. Pleasant
Tyler Casey, Narragansett
Zach Gendreau, Narragansett
Mark Griffith, Narragansett
Stephen Lambert, Narragansett
Phil Colasante, Ponaganset
Corey Capece, Smithfield
Christian Laboissiniere, Smithfield
Chris Robenhymer, Smithfield
Mike Borges, Tiverton
Tim Gleadow, Tiverton
Rudy Marinosci, Tiverton

First Team
WR - Rob Alves, Central Falls
LB - Antonio Mena, Central Falls
QB - Franklin Santos, Classical
RB-Quinneil Simmons, Classical
DL -Robby Battazard, Classical
RB - Adam Sweeney, Exeter-W. Greenwich
OL - Kyle Johansen, Exeter-W. Greenwich
OL - Rob Prashaw, Exeter-W. Greenwich
QB - Stephen Wehgbay, Hope
LB - Rob Williams, Hope
OL-DL-Victor Jimenez, Hope
RB - Rico McCray, Middletown
LB - Dylan Gracia, Middletown
LB - Kevin Brown, Middletown
OL - Dan Nevitt, Middletown
K - Zack Yates, Middletown
TE - Matthew Santos, N. Providence
OL - Mitchell Vieira, N. Providence
RB - Roger Sherman, N. Smithfield
DB - Peter Mancini, N. Smithfield
RB - Nate Morris, PCD
QB-DB- Jared Hanson, Scituate
OL - Justin DePaquale, Scituate

Second Team
LB - Emmanuel Versailles, Central Falls
OL - Heriberto Colon, Central Falls
DE - Oludare Joseph, Classical
OL - Gastavo Reynoso, Classical
DB - Alain Moize, Classical
RB - Gian Razzino, Classical
OL - James Read, Exeter-W. Greenwich
RB - Al Georgio, Exeter-W. Greemwich
TE - Brian Philbert, Ex.-W. Greenwich
LB - William Gbaye, Hope
RB - Wilkenson Clear, Hope
RB - Jamal Mangum, Hope
KR - Troy Johnson, Middletown
DL - Matt Gough, Middletown
OL - Frank Wiley, Middletown
WR - Rob Weaver, Middletown
OL - Mike Heimall, Middletown
OL - Troy Drennon, Middletown
RB - Marc Manfredi, N. Providence
LB - Chris Mancini, N. Providence
LB - Alex Blanchette, N. Smithfield
LB - Will Douglas, N. Smithfield
RB - Andrew Mele, PCD
RB - Jeffrey Winchell, Scituate
RB - Michael Boucher, Scituate
K - Michael Sherman, Scituate
P - Justin Staniorski, Scituate

Third Team
TE - Andres Rodrigues, Central Falls
DE - Kevin Figuereiredo, Central Falls
OL - Luis Lobo, Classical
LB - Edwin Leonardo, Classical
QB - Tim Eng, Classical
QB - A.J. Huber, Classical
OL - Andrew Read, Ex.-W. Greenwich
TE - Ryan Lacombe, Ex.-W. Greenwich
RB - Dimitri Perry, Ex.-W. Greenwich
RB - Troy Johnson, Hope
RB - Mackenzi Gonzalez, Hope
DL - Mitch Kaible, Hope
RB - Nicholas Ayala, Hope
WR - Thomas Doyle, Middletown
RB - Michael Rossi, Middletown
WR - Giles Giguere, Middletown
LB - Ryan Masnyk, Middletown
DE - Mitch Latour, Middletown
DE - Billy Nangle, N. Providence
DL - Greg Glomb, N. Smithfield
LB - Jordon Nissensohn, N. Smithfield
QB - Marquis Harper, PCD
OL - Jeffrey Kennedy,, PCD
OL - Jarett Gouveia, Scituate
OL - Jacob Awwad, Scituate
KR - Joe Notorantonio, Scituate
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